Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This is Just Silly

I know I haven't given a real meaty post of late. Well, the Pope was in town, and there was grading, and teaching, and life, and stuff. Lots of stuff actually. So much so that right now at Malvern, while I could be more "productive" with my free period, I decided to squander it. I loafed over to the cafe for some coffee (free for teachers ALL DAY!), then I sauntered over to chapel to sit in the Presence for awhile (which was like a Calgon moment for my soul. Anybody get that allusion?) then I strode past the cherry trees in the front of campus. Then it was all over. He slayeth me once again.

Being the techno-nerd that I am, I took a picture with the sweet iPhone. Now look at this ridiculous amount of beauty; a carpet of violet petals explodes into the slender stalks of daffodils rising up like sentinels from the dark, fertile earth, keeping their vigil before the doors of a chapel where the King of Kings has made His dwelling in the Blessed Eucharist. And I, leaning and loafing at my ease, observed that all this is for our refreshment. It's just silly. It's crazy love. I'm convinced this superfluous Love is what made the worlds and set the galaxies spinning in this Great Dance. Ah Spring! Let's drink it in, for everything is for our good.
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