Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Take a Breath, Take a Break

I'm so busy.
I wish I had more time.
I'm stressed out.
It never ends.
There's always something.
I need a break.
Then take one.
September is a crazy month, I know. It ushers in the busy season for many of us. School's back in, buses are clogging up the morning streets again. Sports, lessons, homework, teaching, grading, running to those meetings that the summer kept at bay, holiday preparations, transitioning the house for the new season, for the coming cold.
But something else in September is present to counteract this hectic pace. Cold crisp air, burning blue skies, leaves afire, the mournful song of geese overhead, the scent of leaves, of wood-fires, sunsets that throb with color, and starry nights. These are invitations to stillness and to watching. And it only takes a moment to breathe them in, to slow down, to drink freely. Each of these encounters has power in them, because they are natural. And Nature is seldom in a hurry.
I was walking to the parking lot after a long and busy day, with the prospects of a long night of grading and planning ahead of me, when I saw this single leaf in a tree on a patch of grass at the corner of the road. I looked at it. I took a deep breath. And behold, it was good.
Let nothing trouble you, let nothing make you afraid. All things pass away. God never changes. Patience obtains everything. God alone is enough.
- Saint Teresa of Avila

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Trio Triumvirum Performs the Agnus Dei

Trio Triumvirum : Agnus Dei from TrioTriumvirum on Vimeo.

I've given talks in the last couple of years for the Archdiocese of New York for the Family Life Office, and the Assistant Director is Christopher Mueller. He's the man on the left. When they say "Don't quit your day job" I think he actually could! What a gift... What a blast of fresh air from behind the curtain of the Holy of Holies! Could you imagine hearing this at your local parish Church just before the Consecration at Mass? I think it would certainly life us up a little beyond ourselves, and we'd perhaps catch a glimpse of what the angels see when the Lamb of God descends upon the altar to feed and heal us with His very Life. About Trio Triumvirum TRIO TRIUMVIRUM is a vocal ensemble made up of three of New York City’s finest male singers - a countertenor and two baritones - who perform sacred music from 13th and 14th century Europe. Music from before Columbus discovered America - who knew it was so fantastic? The trio's goal is musical expression of immediacy, poignancy, breathtaking harmony, and profound beauty.
Visit their MySpace page here.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

September Speaks

If conscience is the voice of God in the soul, then Creation is Him singing.
Watch, wait, look long and look deep. Creation is dying again. Listen to Her wisdom.
Watch, wait, look long and look deep. See this mournful train.
September sets the first steps of Her Via Dolorosa.... Creation's road to Calvary.
Watch, wait, look long and look deep. September speaks a dying wish. To Her children in their maddening rush, in their race over roads of stone and in their cages of glass and steel... Listen. Watch. Be still.
For what happens to me, She whispers, must happen to you.
September speaks in muted tones, in dew-wet droplets on fragile webs, shining like jewels. In the burnt edges of leaves in their final hours, in the cold breath over corn past their ripening. Listen, September speaks.
All things pass, all things change, all things die. And those that give their life away to the summons of September, will be born again.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Two Excellent Lectures Coming to the Philadelphia Area

Lecture: HELEN ALVARE, Associate Professor of Law, George Mason University & Consultor to the Pontifical Council for the Laity
SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 2009 ♦ 12:15 P.M.
Lecture: Scholar GEORGE WEIGEL
5th Annual Edith Stein Lecture Series
Wednesday, September 30, 2009 at 7:00 p.m.
Alumnae Hall Theater at Immaculata University
** Admission is Free **
Advanced phone registration is recommended
Please RSVP to Bambi Girafalco (610) 647-4400 x3438
or by September 23, 2009

Talking to Your Little Ones About the Big Topic of Sex

A much repeated sentence we hear at our Theology of the Body retreats and courses is "I wish I heard this when I was younger!" ...