"I'm a great admirer of Bill Donaghy's work for two reasons: his fidelity as a Catholic, and his exceptional talents as a speaker and teacher. It's a pleasure to recommend him."
- Most Reverend Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap., Archbishop of Philadelphia

"Bill Donaghy understands the Theology of the Body so well that he can articulate it to a wide variety of audiences. His presentations wonderfully combine truth, goodness and beauty. I recommend him without hesitation."
- Most Reverend Thomas J. Olmsted, Bishop of Phoenix, Arizona

"Bill Donaghy effectively transmits the beauty and brilliance of the Theology of the Body because he has allowed it to penetrate into his own heart and life. His message about identity, mission, faith, and family is direly needed not only in the culture at large, but within every parish as well."
- Jason Evert, author of Saint John Paul the Great

"Bill's enthusiastic love for Christ and his Church is a tremendous witness. He is a gentle man with a firm conviction: Christ is the answer to the question that is every human life! He conveys this conviction with compelling wisdom, wit, and compassion."
- Christopher West, Author, International Speaker

"Bill Donaghy's speaking ministry is a great gift to the Church. His integrity, charity, and love for Christ and the Catholic Church are apparent in all that he does. He is doing excellent work."
- Matthew Pinto, Founder and President of Ascension Press

"Bill is a master presenter of St. John Paul II’s teachings: The Theology of the Body. As a former seminarian, now a happy husband and father, he can pull from his knowledge of Catholic theology and his life as a dad. Bill uses lecture, Catholic art, movie clips and quotes to enliven his presentations. He co-teaches the 'Theology of the Body and Priestly Identity' course with me, and all the priests love him! He is incredibly humble, respectful of the priestly vocation, has a great sense of humor and is clearly a holy man. Bill Donaghy is an extraordinarily effective presenter of TOB for both lay persons and priests."
- Fr. Brett Brannen, Pastor, Diocese of Savannah, Georgia

"Bill... you speak with so much kindness and clarity, and it's evident you follow Christ and ardently speak of his love in such a loving way... Your Masterpiece Monday videos are phenomenal, you explain everything so clearly and it helps me to see what I have never seen before."
- Cristabel Flores

"You were able to keep the attention of 40-50 college students who were forced to be in a room early in the morning when they could be doing literally anything else (like sleeping)."
- Zane Christmyer

"Your talks both invite the listener to be a part of the biggest conversation in the cosmos and feel like we sat down for a nice chat over a pint. Every talk I attend on the Human Person is fresh and invites me to dialogue in the conversation. The idea of beauty is made real through stunning works of art that showcase we are the father's greatest creation is expressed in words, art, and music."
- Chris Friel

"I think Bill Donaghy is one of the top Catholic speakers in our country. I have seen him multiple times but first methim in 2012 when I asked Bill to speak at our reflection day for married couples. He simply blew them away. His down to earth humor paired with his broad wisdom won the couple's over. Men especially seemed to appreciate how he didn't speak over their heads but into their hearts."
- Daniel Hoover

"Bill, attending TOB I was one of the best experiences of my life! Your teachings methods are outstanding, in that, you can captivate the class that is full of married couples, engaged couples, priests, religious, and seminarians from around the country and in some instances around the world. I've never had a teacher that was able to take popular songs, pieces of art, movies, or just about anything and turn them into something beautiful that reflects Christ in some way. It's evident that your passion and zeal to teach the gospel brings so much joy. Your heart is on fire for the Lord and to bring souls to a deeper love of Him through the beauty of TOB."
- Stephen Pergantis

"Bill, my life was changed when I took TOB I with you. It helped me heal from an addiction and I learned to love myself like never before after discovering God's love! I've become so involved in ministry and love to preach TOB wherever I go. It truly is a theology about our whole being and can be integrated into everything. I volunteer with The Goretti Group in San Diego and couldn't believe you guys were going to be local, so I told the group all about it and we registered a group of 10 people to attend. I am so excited for those who have never heard this life-changing message and I can't wait to be set ablaze again! Following that retreat/course, I have had a personal encounter with Christs and even when l stray and run, He never lets me go! I come running back every time like the Prodigal son, and my Heavenly Father is always ready! Your testimony was so powerful! I just became an aunt for the 8th time and my newest niece is named Claire. I pray for your little one and admire you and Rebecca so much for how you allow God to work in your lives! I am so excited to see you and the others. Praying for you, the staff and all who will attend. May God always bless you, your beautiful family and ministry!"
- Kareen Georgee

"Bill taught the class with humor, enthusiasm and great knowledge of and awe for the material. His use of media added variety and depth to the class materials."
- Lisa Blackstock

"Bill, you have a gift for seeing the beauty in the world and for bringing that beauty into the life of every person you teach. You're also one of the most genuine people I've ever known."
- Nikki Cirone

"Bill Donaghy's gift isn't just in what he knows - it's in what he NOTICES. God calls us through TOB to NOTICE - His world, His people, His love, His transformative power - and Bill has the tremendous gift of pulling together the things we often overlook (and shouldn't) and tie them together in beautiful art, tremendous humor, and a powerful understanding of the Scriptures and the teachings of Theology of the Body."
- VC Callaway

"Bill has the remarkable ability to understand the beauty and depth of the human experience and divine reality while presenting  it in a way that is authentic and approachable from a number of perspectives."
- Delaney

"Bill Donaghy is both intensely wise about TOB and intensely hilarious! While he let's you 'get it' about life and how funny and crazy both marriage and raising kids can be from his own experiences linking to yours, he helps you 'get it' how mystical and awesome is the act, job, duty and joy of marriage and family!"
- Laura Allen Gies

"Bill Donaghy's knowledge of the Theology of the Body, and the personality with which he presents it, provides audiences with access to something that will change their relationships for the better, forever: the wisdom of St. John Paul II."
- Arleen Spenceley

"I feel like when I say, 'it was life changing' the fullness and weight of the statement is often lost. When I (or any of these others) say it's life changing, we mean it LITERALLY changes your entire life and the way you view the world and everyone and everything in it. After my first course, it was as though someone had cleared fog from my glasses and I could actually see my life, marriage, motherhood, and my faith clearly for the first time. It's so much more than a class - it's a retreat and a week for healing and reflection. The Holy Spirit is totally present and working."
- Ruth Ann Leikert

"It is my immense pleasure to endorse Bill Donaghy as an extraordinary speaker and teacher. Mr. Donaghy provided some wonderful insights at my parish church years ago. To this day he continually inspires me with his articles and blogs on social media. Bill brings his excellent credentials to talks and retreats everywhere, and I would certainly go out of my way to see him again!"
- Eric Stricko

"Bill brings such enthusiam to his talks! His vast knowledge of Theology of the Body is evident as he is able to take such a complex and scholarly topic and break it down into digestible pieces that anyone can better understand and embrace it. His references to current movies/music/etc., as well as his everyday life help to enhance the learning process. And the fact that he's so down to earth and personable puts you at ease."
- Rosalyn Rapsinski

"Bill was my first teacher at the Institute - Bill and the Institute gave me incredible support at a very vulnerable time - in the midst of miscarriages - the courses have changed me and brought me so much happiness - in that they initiated a deep adult conversion and have helped me in my marriage! I attended initially to fulfill an educational gap in my work/ministry with the Church - God has given me so much more than what I expected!"
- Batrice Adcock

"Truly and amazing week! An immersion into the heart of the Father."
- Mark Griswold

"Everything seemed to be against me attending the course for the week.... but it was without a doubt exactly where I was meant to be, despite the obstacles. I met some of the most incredible people, who I keep in touch with to this day and plan to see again. It gives you a refreshing and healing perspective on love, life and opens up a place in your heart you never knew (or forgot) existed!! Cannot recommend the course enough :) Thank you Bill and the TOB institute for a life changing week!"
- Emily Rebekah

"I've had the pleasure of taking several courses with Bill and remain forever changed by what I learned. I'm not saying he can teach you about the meaning of life but... actually, that's exactly what I'm saying!"
- Beth Giordano

"Learning how to live TOB has transformed the way I see everything in my life. When I told my husband that our vacation was to a Theology of the Body retreat in Pennsylvania, he was, to put it gently, unenthusiastic. By the end of the week it had transformed our hearts and taught us how to view each other and our marriage in the proper lens, through the eyes of Our Lord."
- Wendi Trego Burchard

"I always looked forward to your Mission Moment blog. We got so much inspiration and help from your teaching."
- Patricia Kennedy Arndts

"I have known Bill Donaghy for over 4 years, and I am profoundly impressed with his deep love for our Catholic Church and all Her teachings, his dynamically engaging and respectful style as a speaker, and his tireless zeal for promoting the new evangelization called for by our Holy Father John Paul II. I would enthusiastically recommend Bill as a speaker/lay evangelist as I myself have employed his ministry for several events that I have coordinated. I assure you that Bill would be a blessing!!"
- Fr. Paul Dressler, O.F.M. Capuchin

"In faith-filled, gifted speakers like Bill Donaghy, the Lord has given his ministers a wonderful gift to aid us in catechizing his Church... People get genuinely fired up when they hear he is coming! What more can we ask? Try any of Bill's programs at your parish and just see if your hearts are not left burning within you."
- Maryanne Thompson

"It reminded me how blessed I am to be a Catholic... How many graces God offers us that we forget to use... If you want to be inspired and enlightened with the true teachings of the Catholic faith, Bill Donaghy is a must!"
- Kathleen Tobin

"It is so obvious that he loves his faith! Just that in itself has affected my faith life. He challenged us to pray more - by talking to God, really feeling what we are saying and being quiet long enough to listen. The truths that I have believed my entire life are more real to me now and I do feel closer to God."
- John and Janet Sikina

"Bill is a dynamic speaker. He was enthusiastic, spoke from his heart and our class at CMI and the youth group really got a lot from his talks. We would recommend Bill to anyone wanting to hear from a true servant of God. Bill has deepened our relationship with God by his prayerful witness and his dedication to Jesus. He has showed us what is means to be a true Catholic."
- Bill and Sara Geiger

"It's made me more glad than ever that I'm Catholic. And also made me aware of how much God truly loves us."
- Betsie Freeman

"Bill is a great teacher... Very inspiring!"
- Angela Brown

"I've heard Bill speak on a number of occasions and I am always impressed by his calm, coherent and passionate style. The maturity of his Catholic message belies his age. He is thought-provoking, intuitive and capable of helping people appreciate their faith and traditions in a new way."
- Ron Watson

"Bill was a wonderful speaker. The session on Novo (Into the Deep) has changed my life in several ways. This session helped me to experience and understand some of the papal documents with which I have had no prior experience. I also learned a valuable lesson on "listening," a skill which I need to constantly work on... I enjoyed Bill's teaching style, I can appreciate his obvious command of the subject matter and his dedication to spreading God's Word and joy to all."
- Maryann Wilkowski

"Bill is a faith-filled, compelling speaker who talks with integrity, clarity, and insight as he guides us 'into the deep' of our faith journey."
- Ed Toney 

"The Mission Moments are such a welcome deal. I'm on the computer a lot for band stuff, so I always see them soon after they come in. For me, they evoke a time when I read a lot more and prayed with the wisdom of the saints more...a richer time, maybe. And they just flat out remind me of what I really believe."
- Doug Kirby

"There is no doubt that Bill is an accomplished public speaker and teacher; however, he is truly engaging because he shares how he lives his own faith journey, not just how we should live ours!"
- Irene MacDonald

"Bill has a very sincere, powerful approach. He finds insight in the ordinary and makes you wonder why you hadn't thought about things in that light on your own... It is so refreshing to encounter a young person, full of life and love of his faith. He is dedicated to service and witnessing. He will certainly have a positive impact on those he speaks to."
- Kathleen Schrader

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