Friday, April 25, 2008

Catholic Nerds Unite!

OK, I'm just going to come out and say it.

"Hi, I'm Bill, and I'm a Catholic Nerd."

That's right. The Few, the Proud, the Laity Who Know What an Encyclical Is!! We are the Catholic Nerds and we're PROUD of it!!

If you can complete or concur with ANY of the following phrases, face it, YOU ARE A CATHOLIC NERD. So celebrate it! Join our illustrious group on Facebook if you dare, and you'll find love and affirmation, and hopefully some inspiring conversations and connections to boot (I love saying "to boot" at the end of a sentence).

So take the Quiz:

1. Deus Caritas Est refers to...
2. December 12 is the feast of...
3. The Rosary has ___ mysteries.
4. Concupiscence.... well, you know how to pronounce it.
5. Reposition means, not to move your seat, but...
6. Habemus Papam is the coolest phrase on the planet.
7. You feel they should make an incense scented Glade Plug-In.
8. You've ever genuflected by accident when grabbing a seat at the movies (yup, I did that once).
9. You have Catholic mags in your bathroom book rack.
10. You get excited at the Lamb of God during Mass because Communion is coming!!

Life is too short to be too serious or overly concerned with appearances. Be a Geek, read books, pray on purpose, carry holy cards in your pocketssess to stash on train seats and doctor's offices, laugh for no reason but for the thrill of breathing, or of grass, or the sound of bells (like Quickbeam in the Lord of the Rings). Face it, nerds have more fun. Pax tecum ;)

PS - If you want to take the first step in embracing your Catholic Nerdiness, just copy the badge in this post that I slaved over for like 15 minutes and post it on your blog. Be not afraid!
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