Behold Your Mother - An Interview on Mary with Heidi Saxton

Today at 5pm EST on the Heart of Things Radio Show on In His Sign Radio, I'll be interviewing Heidi Saxton, editor of “Canticle” magazine and adoptive parent columnist at and A convert to the Catholic Faith, Heidi’s faith journey has taken her all over the world, including West Africa, Poland, and Mexico. She's been active in a variety of Christian churches: Lutheran, Baptist, Presbyterian, non-denominational, Assemblies of God, Episcopalian, and Catholic....

"The diversity of her Christian experience is reflected in her writing, giving her faith expression a vitality and relevance that appeals to truth seekers of all ages and backgrounds. Married in summer 1999, Heidi and her husband Craig adopted their two foster children in 2005. They live in Milan, Michigan. Heidi is a prolific blogger. Her newest blog, “Behold Your Mother” ( features a variety of stories, images, and quotes about Mary from all over the world.
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