Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Oh Canada!

Just waiting in the Edmonton International Airport now, ready to head south and home again!

We've had an amazing time up here in the Great White North. Friday and Saturday we spent in Edmonton, Alberta, at the National Symposium for COLF, the Catholic Organization for Life and Family here in Canada. (Check out the work of COLF for the New Evangelization here: www.colf.ca). There was a good turnout; wonderful people, young and old, men and women, from across the provinces, and even some from the States. Teens and teachers, married and religious, bishops and priests, and the curious as well. Enthusiasm for the Theology of the Body is strong here, and those who heard the late Pope John Paul II's reflections on marriage, sexuality, and the meaning of life were genuinely inspired! We got a good dose of "northern hospitality" and the talk I gave on Friday seemed to be well received!

On Saturday we made our way west to the Canadian Rockies. Jasper National Park was a treasure for the eyes and we found ourselves totally awestruck by the grandeur of the mountains and the brilliant lakes and rivers. Incredible! Can't wait to get back and post some pics!


+ staying at a little log chalet on the banks of the Athabasca River, in the heart of the mountains

+ the wild beast devouring or being devoured and screeching that woke Rebecca up at 2am, as I slept soundly... doh!

+ the sound and fury of the mountain waters rushing over cold stones

+ the color of the lakes and streams here is insane! Rebecca said it was "lac beauvert" (beautiful green).

+ watching black bears (from a distance!) dart across route 93

+ climbing the winding road on the way to Maligne Lake, as Bighorn Sheep grazed along the rocky slopes of the roadside, about 4 feet from our car

+ eating real buffalo... man, that was tasty

+ taking a tram (little red car suspended ridiculously high on thin wires over jagged rocks) up to the top of Mt. Whistler, high above the treeline

+ finding that little church on Sunday and singing the same songs I grew up with 3000 miles away

+ the Icefields Highway that slid through the biggest mountains we've ever seen for hours and hours.... and hours!

So ends a great journey and a wonderful experience of the North! Oh Canada, we'll be back I'm sure!


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