Thursday, August 09, 2007

Something's Cooking!

I heard about this from Fr. Roderick's "Daily Breakfast" podcast and had to pass it on. An American priest, Fr. Leo, has a mission: to bring families back to the dinner table to share a meal and share their lives again. Check out the trailer to the show here (it has yet to air).

From Fr. Leo's website:

"More than a Typical Cookbook "
Grace Before Meals: Recipes for Family Life
is a new book that takes a unique approach to strengthening family relationships. By encouraging families to spend time together in the kitchen, Fr. Leo shows how easy it can be for parents and kids to find common ground through the preparation and enjoyment of a simple meal. Each chapter reflects on a variety of topics related to personal milestones, family holidays and faith observances. Short essays offer practical wisdom and ideas, so parents can create a comfortable environment for honest communication.

Great idea, Padre! (By the way, when he was younger, Fr. Leo used to teach Karate and was a stellar breakdancer. How cool is that?

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