Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pro-Life Commercials?

On last night's radio show, I interviewed Dr. Pia de Solenni, a spokesperson for Vitae Caring Foundation. We spoke of the great work of this pro-life advertising initiative. Here are some of the bullet points and resources we discussed on the show:

About Vitae

The Vitae Caring Foundation is a not-for-profit, tax deductible organization, focused on educating the public about the value and sanctity of human life and restoring this value as a core belief in the American culture. The key focus of the Vitae strategy is to use mass media, namely television and radio, as the venue of choice for airing educational messages (commercials).

• Vitae has developed close to 30 unique television ads, including ads in Spanish
• Vitae has placed purchased ad time in sixty-five television markets around the United States
• 4,700 calls to Atlanta pregnancy resource centers we're made in 2006 after Vitae’s ads aired
• The New York City, Spring 2006 campaign increased calls to pregnancy helpline by 100%
• Vitae ads contributed to the 27% decline in the number of abortions in Missouri since 1992
• Abortions fell by 10.6% in Minneapolis in April, 2006 – the month after Vitae’s ad aired
• Pregnancy resource centers saw an 81.5% increase in calls in St. Louis in Spring 2004 after Vitae ads aired
• A Kansas City 2006 ad campaign increased calls to local pregnancy resource centers by 181%
• In Dallas, 2006, calls to local pregnancy resource centers increased by 169% after Vitae ads aired

Visit the Vitae website to see the commercials! Click here.

Care Net
Option Line

National Life Center

(Thanks to the beautiful website "Women Affirming Life!" we have a host of the best Church documents on women/men/family related issues. Check it out here!)

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