Thursday, June 28, 2007

Goofin' Off with the Family

Just goofing off today with the family, down from New York. The kids LOVE the new Mac's "Photo Booth" program. I kinda dig it myself, can you tell? It has a bunch of wacky features that distort your face and take a snapshot, right from the monitor. (I have yet to blog about my conversion to the Mac from a PC. Yes, it was mainly those hilarious commercials that won me over. It was a little funky in the beginning with no right click or thumbnail views but I've since discovered the shortcuts. The Mac is.... awesome! Just for podcasting alone! I've tossed a few up at this link. Please let me know what you think. For now, I've simply read a few blogs from last year, but I think God has big plans! I'm excited. You can search for "The Heart of Things" or Bill Donaghy through iTunes and subscribe to them, or just go to the link here and subscribe. They'll slip right into your iPod or computer media player justa lika 'dat. More on this later!)

So the gang is getting ready for today's adventures now, after a nice sleep in and a big honkin' breakfast. Yesterday was a blast at Hershey Park, despite the torrents of rain and lightning that occasionally blew in. The new Boardwalk water park they have is INCREDIBLE! and a perfect thing to do when it's 124 degrees outside. OK, one more pic before we sign off....

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