Thursday, March 06, 2014

Back to Blogging

Friends, I haven't seriously blogged in thousands of years. Ergo, for Lent, this holy season that too many believe is a great "giving up" of stuff, I shall be "giving." Blogging. Every day, for 40 days, and if the Lord wills, for thousands of years after this holy season of Lent 2014.

I used to blog.... when the blogosphere was young and fresh and held no sarcastic com boxes. Just kidding, that time never was... THANKS ORIGINAL SIN!!!

But I was witty then, resourceful, appropriate. Occasionally.

Then children came to us, great gifts of the God of Love, and they stole my heart.... and 99.76 percent of my free time. But I'm BAAAACK! In these 40 Days I aim to please, to punch these keys and to puncture the heart and maybe even the conscience (my own first) of anyone who clicks in. To get back to the Heart of Things, as it were. My purpose? To the glory of Love, Hope, and Humor in these foggy days of the early 21st century. God knows we need all three.

Much has happened in these hidden years.... 3 children (Boy Wonder, age 5.... Princess Buttercup aka Clare Bear, age 3.... and our Sweetpea Sheila, 1+ years).

My beloved bride and I have been blessed and broken like a Eucharistic host in the daily mass of our family life, and at times we've resisted, reacted, and the old self got rekindled when our patience was/is pushed to the edge. But honestly, it's been an incredible ride. Wow. God continues to show us ourselves, our absolute need to rely on His Grace and the grace of our sacramental marriage, and these little souls.... these achingly beautiful treasures He's given us to steward. They have slain us with their wonders. And sometimes roundhouse sleep-kicks in our bed at 2:30am.

Back to the main narrative: 
I shall attempt to "give" myself again to this digital diary of sorts, and I can only hope the gift is worthy of your 2.5 minutes of reading during the morning commute, or stoplight/traffic jam on (insert road of choice). In this attempt then of 40 Days of Blogging, I'm sure stories from the Crucible (aka our home) shall surface. Enjoy them, none shall be embellished. It's raw and real.

After 8 wonderful years, I made the leap out of teaching at a private boys school in Malvern, PA (what a blessing that was!!) I have transitioned this past summer into full time work for the Theology of the Body Institute (having taught and spoken across the continent for TOB for the past 8 years part time). Now I serve the job of my dreams as a curriculum specialist, faculty member and speaker for Blessed John Paul II's epic vision of the human person. Learn more here!

This vision has always permeated my thoughts, words and I hope actions, (and this blog in the past) and I know it shall do so again. Be warned!

See you in the morning ;)


E said...

Glad you are back. IF has that way about us...:)

Rebecca said...

So glad you are "back"!

Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur said...

Welcome Back!

Jenny said...

Welcome back to the 'sphere!

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