Friday, March 28, 2014

Choices with Bastille, To Kill a King, Emily Wood and Friends

Watch this beautiful work. I absolutely love the way it unfurls, like a quilt woven of gifted and musical passion. It's a slow build, with wonderfully talented bands, vocalists, and soloists appearing and adding their own layer of rhythm or melody as the song literally moves through a grassy stretch of earth and trees. As harmonious and whole as it is musically, culminating in a vast and soothing choral that woos the listener at the end, the piece is a sad one. To use John Paul II's meditation on historical man, who is wounded by sin and left hungry for meaning, it is the quintessential ache of being utterly unfulfilled by another human being. 

There's a melancholy in the heart when we realize this truth: that no human person, no earthly experience can totally fulfill the heart. We try to fill it, we stumble, we sometimes fall. But we are flawed, fractured by our original sin, and we must face it. 

I have the same choices
As you do
As you do
When you fall
Fall like I knew you would
Lead me down down down
Lead me down

As the song sinks into these "choices" that lead down down down, the music still lifts us up. It seems to say that no relationship, no romance can be completely devoid of the hope that springs eternal. 

He's on your doorstep
He's laden with flowers
This garden is freezing teasing
You're leaving me for hours

A song like this for me, pulled and put together as it is from so many bands and gifted young musicians is hope enough. There seems to be a sweet return to music that's soul-crafted, experiential, more real than our techno-pop that tends to dominate. I hope you enjoy the music!

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