Saturday, February 06, 2010

National Theology of the Body Congress! Save the Date!


The Theology of the Body Institute announces the National Theology of the Body Congress — the most expansive and comprehensive gathering of Theology of the Body experts and enthusiasts ever assembled. This unprecedented three-day event includes:
  • More than 35 seminars, roundtable discussions, expert panels and keynote addresses featuring leading experts discussing a wide array of Theology of the Body-related themes and topics;
  • Networking with key Theology of the Body leaders, catechists, Church leaders and teachers from around the country;
  • Exposure to an array of Catholic vendors specializing in Theology of the Body-related products and services.
Experience the most expansive gathering of Theology of the Body experts and educators in the history of this extraordinary teaching.


Justin Cardinal Rigali Fr. Brian Bransfield Fr. Thomas Loya Sr. Helena Burns F.S.P. Dr. Janet Smith Katrina Zeno Christopher West Glenn Stanton Dr. Pia de Solenni Fr. Richard Hogan Bill Donaghy Damon Owens Dr. Gregory Popcak Dr. Michael Waldstein Monica Ashour Anastasia Northrup Jake Samour and more!
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