Thursday, July 30, 2009

Small Wonders

I love taking pictures. I'm crazy about taking pictures. So I finally decided to get meself a Flickr account and share my little vantage point of this splendid reality with the world at large (you can check it out here). I've named the account "Small Wonders" because I think that pretty much sums up the little gems that surround us every day.
We must open our eyes to admire God, who hides and at the same time reveals himself in things, and introduces us into places of mystery... In reality, for those who know how to read in depth, each thing, each event brings a message that, in the final analysis, leads to God.
- Pope John Paul II
With the wonder of technology and the camera feature on so many of our cell phones today, we can all have the chance to capture the small wonders around us... even this close up of my neighbor's cucumber plant! So keep your eyes peeled and your heart ready for a game of Divine "Hide and Seek" with the Lord. He loves it when we take time to read His Love Letters, big and small.
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