Prayers for Little Mary

Friends of ours are going through a real Way of Sorrows right now, and they continue to plead for prayers from the larger Church for their baby girl. You can learn more about little Mary's story here but for now, this is the latest from the Coffey's:

"Today was a difficult day. Now is the time, everyone please, to form one voice in pleading to God for Mary's healing. Her surgeon told us today that he does not expect Mary to recover and it would be a miracle if she did. His words were kind, but the facts remain. Despite those facts, there is great cause for hope. God is good all the time. The doctors said she needs a miracle.. well.. there is no doubt that if Mary lives it will be all to the glory of God. So please pray hard, pray now, offer up whatever you can for Mary's healing, and we will leave the rest to God in His infinite mercy...."

You can find special prayers at the website just for this intention, and more on Mary's condition. This faith-filled family has been a powerful example to so many. Please remember them in your prayers.
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