Friday, July 17, 2009

How Babies Can Save the Human Race

First off, let's all agree that the world is presently screwed up. For proof, click here. We're too busy, too angry, too focused on work, too ignorant towards each other, too selfish, too lazy, etc... (or is it just me?)
Well, don't despair! I've discovered in the past 10 months that salvation is near at hand.
Oddly enough, you may have heard just the opposite. Some propose that babies eat up the planet's resources, that there is a "population crisis", and that we should all feel very, very guilty and irresponsible for not routinely contracepting and for ever considering having more than 1.5 children. Because aside from being stinky, babies leave a "carbon footprint" everywhere they go. As to the "population crisis" click here and check out Caritas in Veritate, section 44 to top it off.
But I believe the secret to building a happy, vibrant, life-affirming, love-soaked Civilization lies in a healthy abundance of those squishy Little People who are utterly dependent on us Big People. Here are Ten Reasons Why Babies Will Save the Human Race (feel free to add more reasons through the comment link below):
1. Babies make people talk to each other in parks, who normally might not give each other the time of day. Talking to people builds friendships, friendships build communities, communities build parks. Babies hang out in parks (and around and around we go!)
2. Babies learn EVERYTHING from their parents, by watching, listening, studying, and looking up at Mommy and Daddy.... and so should we.
3. Babies are the greatest "man-made" creations in the universe; they shall grow up and outlive the stars, each in their own way altering the course of human history, each absolutely unique and unrepeatable. How cool is that?
4. Babies are the fruit of the sexual union between a man and a woman. We need to be reminded that that's how it works.
5. Babies are aware of everything and everything amazes them: lights, noise, colors, tinfoil, keys. We could all stand to be amazed again by the ordinary things around us.
6. Babies smell really good.
7. Babies conversely can smell really BAD. They need us to clean up their "poopy." A constant reminder that we have our own "poopy" to clean up.
8. Babies are completely innocent, regardless of the way they were conceived, and have no guile, no sarcasm, no agendas. They are pure as the driven snow, fresh as a sea breeze, vulnerable as a flower. We need more purity, sea breezes, and flowers in this world.
9. Babies need us and we all need to feel needed.
10. Babies see the world as their playground, a wonderful gift made just for them. And so should we.
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