Friday, May 30, 2008

Speaking with Authority, Ya Know?

We live in strange times, where our words have lost their flavor and our thoughts their sting. We're more like pudding than we are like chili. I like chili. It's hot, meaty, sticks to your ribs. "Whoa! That's good chili!" In this video, a young comedian (though I think he's so much more) gets to the source of the bland banter that surrounds us; we do not speak with authority. Conviction and courage in professing the things we believe in have slithered down into a tasteless, quivering jello. Why? I suppose because things that are true are scary. Like barbed lightning, they shock us out of our sleep and illumine the dark places in our minds and hearts. And who the heck wants that?! Thanks to Fr. Stephen Leake for this link, found on his blog Da Mihi Animas.
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