Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Weekend That Wasn't

Summer may not officially be over (Sept 21 is it?), but as far as I can see, it's Fall. And it's busy. Why do we (OK me) have to DO so much when Fall drops in on us? Feeling guilty from that leisurely Summer? Who knows. It's here though.

In the immortal words of M.C. Hammer, "Ring that bell, school's in."

And so we move to the weekend that wasn't:

- Friday night I had my first adjunct teacher meeting at Immaculata University (I started teaching Marriage and Family to undergrads this semester, and I'm lovin' it). But a Friday night meeting from 6 to 8pm? Oiy!

- Then Saturday was a 9am talk for the Men's Prayer Group at St. Mary Magdalene's. Man that was fun. Over 15 men, praying, singing deep and strong, sharing faith, and then I led us in a reflection on the Theology of the Body. Whoa, the faith and the insights shared by these veterans of the Church was inspiring.

- Next it was off to Malvern Retreat Center for lunch and a talk to give on the same theme, TOB, for the Men of Malvern Retreat League.

- Finally to St. Pius X parish to speak briefly at the 5:15 Mass for an upcoming seminar on the Theology of the Body. Seeing a theme here, eh?

- Today, I'm back to speak at ALL the masses here at Pius to promote the TOB seminar (it starts Oct. 4!)

- This afternoon after the 12pm Mass, I have to head to Malvern Prep for a Meet the Parents day, and run the moms and dads through a mini review of what I'm teaching their boys this year in theology.

- Tonight will close with a reception from 5 to 7pm at the O'Neill Center for parents and faculty.

- And tomorrow is Monday.

- Oiy.

- Calgon, take me away....

Now in one sense, I write all this because it's ridiculous. What am I smoking? But also I'm happy to say that God is moving it all. I left the men at St. Mary Magdalene yesterday morning feeling humbled and blown away by the reality that I am doing this, leading, teaching, praying with people, getting to "the heart of things."

Me! A nerdy kid from New Jersey. Everything is a grace. All of this is a privilege.

I'm gonna slow down. Promise. But it's weekends like this that remind me how fortunate I feel, how grateful I am just to live, to be a teacher, to have been invited to bring souls into the deep, to have been captured first by the net of love and the beauty of God and Life and Everything in Between. I just have to remember to come up for air now and again! Maybe when the next season of the Office airs?


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