Thursday, August 24, 2006

Mission Moments

I need to stand at the gate of wisdom every morning. If only for a few moments, I need to sit still and listen for a word from God. I started the simple practice of sending the moments I came upon to friends in 2001. I figured with the huge cacophony of words we're bombarded with every day, why not send a small envoy of ones that might stick? Maybe inspire, comfort, stir things up if necessary?

These words are in our midst; in Scripture, in books, poems, songs and scattered conversations. And they have unlimited power, if we listen to them. They have dropped like jewels from God and only wait for us to pick them up and treasure them. I call these Mission Moments, inspiring insights from humanity that, if received with an open heart at the right moment, can alter our attitudes, even change the very course of our lives.

What word will you hear today? What word will you speak? Is there power in it? Does it come from Heaven? Is it bigger than you are, stronger? Does it seem to be leading you somewhere? I know these words are out there, in here. Maybe the first move is to build a culture of silence in my heart. Then there's a space for the word to fall, to sink in, to germinate.

There may be mission moments buried in the songs you'll hear today on the radio. Maybe a child will whisper a word and it will sparkle in a new way for you. Maybe you'll read something that has the fragrance of eternity in it. Maybe an e-mail that says Fwd:fwd:fwd:Must read! Do not delete!

It could happen.

Who can say what it will be or where it will be found? Let's listen, wait and see...


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