Tuesday, October 25, 2011



Joni said...

I would be interested to hear your thoughts on this DVD. We saw it online. Then, a few weeks later, a young lady came through our neighborhood and gave out free copies of it.

Powerful...but how do we view it in light of our Catholic faith?

Bill Donaghy said...

Hi Joni,

Well, I think it was very well done regarding his approach of logic and reason, applying the abortion issue to the Holocaust. He stirred up the intellect in people who clearly were living life in a merely relativistic way. I thought that was VERY well done. However, when he made the switch to preaching heaven and hell it came off in a very narrow fundamentalist way. He made no distinction between the gravity of certain sins as opposed to others, and I'm sure shut off many more people than we saw on camera... calling them liars, thieves, adulterers, etc. Jesus would rail on hypocrites, but would he speak to prostitutes and sinners in a wholly different way. It turns out Ray Comfort is often anti-Catholic on his blog as well. It's sad. I have shown the film to my students but will end the video now at the halfway point (after the abortion connection). What do you think of it all Joni?


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