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The Congress Must Carry On!

Philadelphia Cardinal calls the Theology of the Body 'the curriculum for the Culture of Life'

Philadelphia Cardinal calls the Theology of the Body 'the curriculum for the Culture of Life' Cardinal Justin Rigali calls for the National Theology of the Body Congress to become an on-going campaign of human and catechetical formation PHILADELPHIA, July 30 – Joined by more than 50 priests and two Bishops, Cardinal Justin Rigali delivered a powerful call to action to attendees of the first National Theology of the Body Congress. He urged, "This Congress must not end. The contribution of the speakers and participants, the fruits of the seminars, discussions, and artistic performances must advance still further. This Congress must become a campaign of human and catechetical formation." He called for the mining and proclamation of the rich content presented at the Congress "so that the next generation can continue to access and comprehend it." The National Theolo…

The Twilight Series: Teens, Love, and Making Choices

Volumes have been written online and in print about the Twilight series, presently four books penned by wife and mother of three Stephenie Meyers. The lore of vampires and werewolves is definitely a part of the attraction, but I wonder if that's as much at the heart of it as a love for big boats was for the millions who saw Titanic. It's the tale of fated love that seems to draw most people in; a painful and powerful attraction that is so knotted up with teen angst that devoted readers, and viewers of the Twilight films, obsessively turn it over and over again in their hands.

Like the series or not, this fanged version of Romeo and Juliet is sucking in revenue at bookstores and movie theaters everywhere. So let's talk about it, and engage this modern phenomenon with the Sign of the Cross (not just for the presence of vampires, but because we Catholics like to bless everything before we taste it).

We'll start by addressing the monster stuff for a moment, which seems to …

The Golden Sea

"Tell me how many songs that I must sing before I can see you in your glory, hear your whole entire story, bathe inside your golden, golden sea?" - Trevor Hall

I realize you just read the above quoted lyric, and maybe you liked it. I ask you to please read it again, and drink it in slow like hot, honeyed tea. Go ahead... It's delicious, isn't it? The song is 31 Flavors by Trevor Hall and is one of my favorite hymns to love. I discovered his music through one of my senior students last year - thanks Tosti!

So now.... give yourself a minute to ponder this: How many people do you really know on Planet Earth? I don't mean know about, or have encountered in your travels, or clicked "confirm friend" with on Facebook. I mean face to face, heart to heart, soul to soul friends.

How many people do we really know, deep down, to the core, and to the point of practically being able to finish their thoughts for them, predict their actions, read their hearts, swim in t…

Update on the Historic Theology of the Body Congress

Be LIVE at the Congress! Unable to attend the National Theology of the Body Congress?

You, your parish, school, or diocese can WATCH KEY TALKS LIVE! The Theology of the Body Institute announces Live Streaming of content for this Premier event! Due to the overwhelming response to this first-ever Theology of the Body Congress, we have opened a live-streaming option!
You can still be a part of this historic gathering! Live-streaming of the Congress' key presentations is available for only $79!

Click here to see the schedule of presentations that are part of the package. It is designed and intended to give you opportunities to watch live presentations from this memorable Congress. You can watch them as they happen with:
Your parish's Theology of the Body groupYour university or college enrichment groupYour parish's religious education or faith formation groupsOther members of your parish in the church or appropriate venueMembers of your parish organizationHigh school staff and inte…

Toy Story 3: Back in the Saddle... Again

It's a profoundly human characteristic to want to make things move, to breathe life into the matter about us - be it through paint, or wood, words, or marble. We humans love to create, just as our Father in Heaven created and still creates the world around us. Perhaps that explains our fascination with animated films. God makes us in His image out of love, and we as sub-creators create, or animate, things in our image because of love.

Of all of these animated works, and there are so many, I'd venture to say that none are more magical than the Toy Story series. Through the eyes of the stitched chunks of cloth and malleable plastic in Andy's toy chest, we're invited to see the world in a whole new light. These films seem to stitch generations together too, having something old and something new, much like Woody, the affable cowboy of yesteryear, and Buzz, the shiny space commander of the Future! That playful glance backwards and forwards may be a factor in what draws you…