Thursday, October 14, 2010

Resurrection Day

From the tomb of the earth life has emerged! And the world weeps and watches. From the womb of the earth, men are born again, made new, promises made, and loved ones embraced as if for the first time.

One miner said, "There were not 33 men down there. There were 33 men and God."

As the world watched the events in Chile, did we see the sacramental connections? Did we feel the Hand seeking us out in our dark tombs of cold rock and emptiness? Did we recall that God has been there, done that? That He entered that cavernous place and in his own burial in the womb of the world, He filled it with grace? And rose again! There is a dank, barren place that our radical individualism has placed us in, and it doesn't keep the heart warm, doesn't fill us.

We're made for the arms of others, for the embrace that melts the cold, for the light of human eyes that shatters the shadows of solitude, and fear, and isolation. Viva Chile! for your determination and passion for the lives of these men, showing us through this tragedy that life counts, every life. For teaching us to hope beyond hope. For reminding us of the truth that alone can satisfy: that we are made for each other, that the hollow places of the human heart, like the mines, should be filled with love, of God and neighbor. Love fills the void in every human heart, love fills the mines that greed burrows through, love brings to light all that is buried in darkness. Love conquers all!

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