Thursday, September 30, 2010

TOB Testimony - Vocation as Gift: Ride the Wave By Bob Angel

This is the testimony of a friend of mine who attended a TOB course this summer. Powerful stuff! You can finish the article through the link below...


The word “vocation” sometimes makes me hyperventilate. But let me back up for a quick moment—my name is Bob; I am a Florida native currently studying for the priesthood for the Diocese of St. Petersburg. I worked for the fire department of Tampa after finishing my studies at the University of Florida, all the while dating and discerning what God willed for my life. I struggled with the notion that, as a sexual being, God would ask me to lay down my masculinity to serve others. I resisted this call for many years, fighting God's current and selfishly hurting many women by my indecision, before finally relinquishing control and entering the seminary.

Having just finished my first year of studies, I still found myself wrestling with that big question of purpose and trying to find God's will for my life. The recent death of my uncle (by his own hand) further fueled the internal frustration and weighed down heavily on any spiritual progress I had made. As men, we are often called to be stoic in the face of such pain and “muscle through” times of emotional grief. Confounded with God's apparent silence and the suppressed sorrow of my uncle's suicide, I came into the “TOB 1: Head and Heart Immersion Course” with a heavy heart. Little did I know that one of the best weeks of my life lay before me.

Read the rest of the article by Bob here.
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