Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Update on the Historic Theology of the Body Congress

Be LIVE at the Congress!
Unable to attend the National Theology of the Body Congress?

You, your parish, school, or diocese can WATCH KEY TALKS LIVE!
The Theology of the Body Institute announces Live Streaming of content for this Premier event! Due to the overwhelming response to this first-ever Theology of the Body Congress, we have opened a live-streaming option!
You can still be a part of this historic gathering! Live-streaming of the Congress' key presentations is available for only $79!

Click here to see the schedule of presentations that are part of the package. It is designed and intended to give you opportunities to watch live presentations from this memorable Congress. You can watch them as they happen with:
  • Your parish's Theology of the Body group
  • Your university or college enrichment group
  • Your parish's religious education or faith formation groups
  • Other members of your parish in the church or appropriate venue
  • Members of your parish organization
  • High school staff and interested parents
  • Everyone who shares your passion for the Theology of the Body
This is a great lineup of some of the most well-known experts on Theology of the Body, the landmark teaching of Venerable Pope John Paul II.
Become a part of this life-changing event!

Rev. J. Brian Bransfield
Dr. Janet Smith
Glenn Stanton
Dr. Philip Mango
Rick Fitzgibbons
Dr. Helen Alvare
Dr. Michael Waldstein
Katrina Zeno
Dr. Pia de Soleni
Fr. Richard Hogan
Bill Donaghy
Fr. Roger Landry
Fr. Thomas Loya
And Many Others!

Register Now!
Live-Streaming of the National Theology of the Body Congress is sponsored by


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