Trio Triumvirum Performs the Agnus Dei

Trio Triumvirum : Agnus Dei from TrioTriumvirum on Vimeo.

I've given talks in the last couple of years for the Archdiocese of New York for the Family Life Office, and the Assistant Director is Christopher Mueller. He's the man on the left. When they say "Don't quit your day job" I think he actually could! What a gift... What a blast of fresh air from behind the curtain of the Holy of Holies! Could you imagine hearing this at your local parish Church just before the Consecration at Mass? I think it would certainly life us up a little beyond ourselves, and we'd perhaps catch a glimpse of what the angels see when the Lamb of God descends upon the altar to feed and heal us with His very Life. About Trio Triumvirum TRIO TRIUMVIRUM is a vocal ensemble made up of three of New York City’s finest male singers - a countertenor and two baritones - who perform sacred music from 13th and 14th century Europe. Music from before Columbus discovered America - who knew it was so fantastic? The trio's goal is musical expression of immediacy, poignancy, breathtaking harmony, and profound beauty.
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