Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I Love This Nun

I'm sure you've had times in your life when you stumbled onto something great, something refreshing, amazing, ennobling, uplifting; something even today you keep going back to for solace or inspiration.... and you don't even remember how you found it in the first place.
One of those treasures for me is Alba's Pizza in Browns Mills, NJ. Just kidding. It's the poems of Jessica Powers, aka Sister Miriam of the Holy Spirit. Give yourself a coffee break and soak your weary soul in this one. This is what it's all about! This is why we are here, why we exist! Our souls like mirrors are made to reflect the One, the Only, the Love that shaped the universe. Here's my objective for the day.... reflection, reflection, reflection.... Enjoy...
The Pool of God
There was nothing in the Virgin’s soul
 that belonged to the Virgin –
 no word, no thought, no image, no intent.
 She was a pure, transparent pool reflecting
 God, only God.
 She held His burnished day; she held His night
 of planet-glow or shade inscrutable.
 God was her sky and she who mirrored Him
 became His firmament.

 When I so much as turn my thoughts toward her
 my spirit is enisled in her repose.
 And when I gaze into her selfless depths
 an anguish in me grows
 to hold such blueness and to hold such fire.
 I pray to hollow out my earth and be 
 filled with these waters of transparency.
 I think that one could die of this desire,
 seeing oneself dry earth or stubborn sod.
 Oh, to become a pure pool like the Virgin,
 water that lost the semblances of water
 and was a sky like God. – Sister Miriam of the Holy Spirit (Jessica Powers) ______________________________ The Selected Poetry of Jessica Powers
ICS Publications 2131 Lincoln Road, NE Washington, DC 20002-1199
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