Theology of the Body Hits Mainstream Tonight on Nightline

Please pray for a great outpouring of grace tonight as the potential to reach millions with a little taste of Theology of the Body hits ABC's Nightline. Here's a link to the article, and the time tonight is 11:30ish EST.
Taken from Christopher's website:
About the Theology of the Body
A New Sexual Revolution Pope John Paul II devoted the first major teaching of his pontificate to what he called the Theology of the Body. This teaching is being hailed as a “new sexual revolution,” because it calls everyone to an authentic understanding and living out of what it means to be created male and female in the image and likeness of God. There are good reasons why the Theology of the Body is in such demand around the world. It is renewing marriages, awakening vocations, healing deep personal wounds, and setting people free to live the life of greatness for which they were created. This is no passing theological fad, but a rich, refined understanding of our Catholic Faith.
Post Script: Visit this link for more info and
clarification on points mentioned in the interview!

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