Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Power of a Word

Today we celebrate the YES of one woman that changed the course of history, that turned the tide of Death into a sweeping Song to Life! Mary's passionate YES is the model for all of us, who have also been given a marriage proposal by the Divine Lover of humanity. May we too give that active, eager YES in each moment, in each encounter, that we engage in today. The Chanticleer version that I first heard (thanks Mike!) And a beautiful women's choir version as well.


Mike in CT said...


Thank you for posting this... it's one of my favorite choral pieces ever. We sang it one year at the sem.

You might also enjoy Chanticleer singing it last Christmas. Here's the link via First Things.

God bless

Bill Donaghy said...

Thanks Mike! I'll add it in for the masculine feminine balance ;) GOOD STUFF!

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