Saturday, June 14, 2008

To Sea is to Believe

It's day three of our little Cape May getaway; the weather is
gorgeous, the beaches have alien creatures on them, and this morning I
watched dolphins leaping around in the surf just 20 yards off the
shore. Holy squid, that was beautiful! A nice little gift from the
sea, since I was robbed of the sunrise due to cloud cover. It was a
big red yoke in the high heavens by the time it broke through. But
there's always something to see by the sea for the early risers;

1. My aforementioned friend, the horseshoe crab above
2. Birds piercing air and water like needles through an unseen cloth
3. A young surfer catching waves at 5:30am (that's dedication... or
4. Other beechcombers like meself, zigzaging the waterline like
sandpipers, looking for glossy treasures the sea tosses up and then
drags back again into her frothy curls

What a wonder. The sea giveth and the sea taketh away. And what can we
do but sit at the salty hem of her dress like kids and listen to her
stories? Just sit and stare at this Lady of Water, so deep, so
ancient, so full of power and mystery and life, and death. She has a
mystic music too; a secret song that the elves could not forget, that
Adam could not name and therefore not hold dominion over... But Eve
and her daughters know the music - they hold it within them.

Water is the womb of worlds. And from water we all have come. And
through water we all must pass again, if we want to enter into Life.

"Put out into the deep on the sea of history with the enthusiasm of
the New Evangelization."

- Pope John Paul II

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