Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Send in Your Questions about Harry Potter

In preparation for next Tuesday's radio show, (we'll be pre-recording this Thursday) I wanted to put out a request for any questions you might have on the Harry Potter books or movies and their impact on you or those you know. Is it dangerous, delightful, concerning, or a real quest that you or your kids have enjoyed and look forward to?

So send in any and all thoughts, questions, or concerns you'd like answered on the air to contact@missionmoment.org or simply post a comment here at the Heart of things blog! (www.missionmoment.blogspot.com)


Here's a set of resources and articles on Harry Potter (pro and con)

Steven D. Greydanus on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Greydanus article on Gandalf and Harry Potter

No Catholic Consensus on Harry Potter

Michael O'Brien on Potter and the Pope

Jimmy Akin on Harry Potter and Pope Benedict

Book for Catholic Families on Harry Potter

Imagining Faith With Kids: Unearthing Seeds Of The Gospel In Children's Stories From Peter Rabbit To Harry Potter

Amy Welborn, Speaking of Harry, etc.

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