Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Could You Do Me a Favor?

Well friends, it's been over a year now with this here blogging initiative. Thanks for the feedback over the last 12 months, to those who've posted comments here at the actual blog, and to all those who have replied to the blog posts that have gone out through the Mission Moment e-mail. There are now over 360 different reflections posted and archived on the Heart of Things blog! From topics as varied as beauty, Beyoncé, and the Bible, to C.S. Lewis, family, and the Theology of the Body. I've talked about Tolkien, trust, truth, and TV... weakness, witness, and wonder (my favorite topic). Now I wanted to ask a favor. If ever in the course of this year, some random thought has touched you, made you go "hmmpph..... yeah, I concur!", or led you to pass the thought on to someone in your address book, then I'd ask you to consider nominating my blog at the prestigious "Blogger's Choice Awards" website (yes, I'm serious). Many Catholic bloggers out there have had their work chosen and it's a great witness to the yearning we all have for truth and faith and meaning in life. It's also a way to get the word out there to others about the kind of writing you find at this blog, The Heart of Things. So, the nominating is easy. Just visit ... and follow through the 3 easy steps for nominating a blog. It's much appreciated!! Thanks again for the e-mails and support from those of you reading The Heart of Things blog. Peace and Prayers, Bill Donaghy
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