Monday, May 14, 2007

Tuesday Night's Show

Our culture loves to polarize things; it makes for good drama, which makes for enticing news. One of the long-standing faceoffs in the secular mind is the whole God vs. Science, Faith vs. Reason debate. Can Catholics believe in the theory of evolution? Is creationism the only alternative? What's Intelligent Design all about? If you want to hear the skinny on this one, tune in to 800AM or log in at tonight, Tuesday, May 15, for the Heart of Things Radio Show. My guest is Mr. Tom Stewart, a science teacher, Catholic layman, and colleague of mine from Malvern Preparatory School. We'll be discussing the ideas of evolution, creationism, and Intelligent Design. We're not experts, but we'll be looking at a variety of sources to shed light on just what the Church believes about our origins. You might be surprised! To call into the show... In the Philadelphia region: 610-527-2906 Or outside call toll free: 888-343-2484
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