Monday, May 07, 2007

Spiderman 3 - All Webbed Out

Well, we saw Spiderman 3 Saturday night. Here's my gut reaction:

- too many jokes
- too many bad guys
- too much violence for the dozens of 9 year olds in our theater

(Spoiler warning!)

There could have been some real sublime moments, but with a foundation of cheesy jokes, we almost weren't allowed to reach them. Like the scene where Spidey scales to the top of a cathedral, and beneath the shadow of a stone cross, he struggles with his inner demons.

Like a medieval gargoyle, we see his rain-soaked silhouette.... But just as the power of this image starts to permeate us, a third bad guy (yes third) appears down below, steps into a pew and looking up at a beautiful crucifix prays "Dear Sir, I know I've made mistakes, I humbly come before You and ask just one thing.... Please kill Peter Parker."

Huh? You want Jesus to kill Peter Parker?

Who writes this stuff? Who the heck talks like this? That would've been a fantastic spiritual battle up there until Jealous Boy showed up!

Now there were some great lessons about pride and humility, revenge and forgiveness, and the key to being a man and a good husband. Aunt May says to a jittery Pete, as she gives him the ring for MJ, "a good man has to be understanding. He has to put his wife before himself." Amen sister! I loved that one!

Nontheless, the distractions seemed to outweigh the distinction of what makes Spidey a hero in this third, and seemingly final, installment.

Maybe more later. I'm kinda bummed out right now. The way I was after Superman Returns (see previous post). I think I need to go home and watch Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

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