Monday, May 28, 2007


Happy Memorial Day Weekend 2007! Hope yours was safe and swell (let's bring that word back into vogue!) Here's a few snapshots of our time up in NY state...

+ babysitting for Peter and Ali, watching little Aileen and Michaela at the house Peter built in the woods. Singing Michaela to sleep to the sound of the crickets "sleep sleep.... sleep sleep."

+ eating chips and watching Planet Earth with the father-in-law. Those snow leopards are awesome!

+ sleeping at the lakehouse, sitting on the dock before the cool, clear water, watching the sky moods reflecting in its watery face

+ Pentecost Sunday at the little country church, which is really a kind of gym. Standing room only, and Jesus in our midst

+ breakfast at Benny's in Wurtsboro with the relations. Teaching Taylor and Travis the drawing game on the placemats (great homefries, by the way!)

+ laughing at Friday's, that huge mojito, popping into Barnes & Nobles for the Pope's new book, and Tolkien's too!

+ the town parade, and little Hanna waving. And for the troop of bagpipers, blasting their shrill cries through that sleepy mountain town

+ sunburn and windburn

+ spotting orioles today in the trees

+ bald eagles sweeping over the island, swirling over our cameras

+ the kids making mud castles, swimming and splashing on the edge of Yankee Lake

+ ambrosia with cherries

+ for my wife and her tenderness, her attentiveness in everything, and for the way she holds those little babies, her nieces, Aileen and Rebecca.

+ for the desires we have for a family of our own, which only grow stronger day by day.
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