Friday, May 25, 2007

Pope's New Book: Jesus of Nazareth

I'm excited about picking up Pope Benedict's new book on Jesus. Here's a little excerpt:

"...the great question that will be with us throughout this entire book: But what has Jesus really brought, then, if he has not brought world peace, universal prosperity, and a better world? What has he brought? The answer is very simple: God. He has brought God! He has brought the God who once gradually unveiled his countenance first to Abraham, then to Moses and the prophets, and then in the wisdom literature—the God who showed his face only in Israel, even though he was also honored among the pagans in various shadowy guises. It is this God, the God of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob, the true God, whom he has brought to the peoples of the earth. He has brought God, and now we know his face, now we can call upon him. Now we know the path that we human beings have to take in this world. Jesus has brought God and with God the truth about where we are going and where we come from: faith, hope, and love.”

I haven't read any reviews yet but I know it will be a powerful portrait of Our Lord. Here's the link to Ignatius Press if you're interested. Come on, let's be Catholic Nerds and bring this book to the beach this Memorial Day weekend! What do ya say??? Woohoo!!
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