Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Well, we've let our students go at noon today due to the SNOW... or should I say, they let US go at noon today. We all know it's the teachers who are more excited about these frosted flakes of freedom. Come on! We're the ones up late checking the Doppler 7500's and prowling around the Weather websites, ravenously seeking those satellite images of whiteness hovering happily over our little piece of academia.

But I made it look good in the classroom this morning. I contained my inner joy at leaving early. I held fast during my last period. My infamous Yellow Group tried so hard to give up ("Mr. Donaghy, we're leaving early... we should just play a game." "Yeah, we should watch a movie." "Mr. Donaghy, I have to call my mom." "Mr. Donaghy, this is ridiculous...") but we pressed on, and in my heart, I knew it was ridiculous. Hah! But I laughed in the face of ridiculousness! I hushed and mushed this team of adolescent sled dogs (it's an analogy, they're really great kids!) through the snow, through the book of Joshua, through the period of the Judges, Samson and Delilah, and a couple of other notes which I know they will always remember and treasure close to their hearts. I think it's up to two or three inches out there. Sweet! Hey, it's over! I don't even remember what I was saying! Let's go home!

Oooh, maybe I'll build a biblically inspired Snowman? Jobab son of Cush, or maybe Nebuchadnezzar.... Og the King of Bashan? So many possibilities! Woohoo!
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