Monday, February 19, 2007

From the Inside Lookin' Out

With all the words thrown around about the relevance of the Church today, who knows what faith is really all about? And where will the clearest picture come from that allows others to make a full ascent? Von Balthasar nails it in the quote below; demonstrating the fact that Christianity can only be fully understood (as much as the Mystery of a Person can be understood) from the "inside" - from the vantage point of the person who has entered beyond the veil in the relationship with Jesus. All other assessments, insights, and impressions are as clear as a call made from a balcony seat when the play is as tight as an inch.

"Christian truth... can be discerned only from within, in being carried out in faith and action, not from outside, from a box seat in the theater. Nor by a partial identification (with the reservations that implies), but only out of a total, universal, and, therefore, catholic identification with God's ways in the flesh."
- Fr. Hans Urs Von Balthasar

So if we want to know what faith in Jesus looks like, we should put our faith in Jesus. We should take the leap. Make the plunge. Dive in head first, by an act of the will, and heart too, by an act of love.
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