Friday, January 19, 2007

A Work In Progress

Hello Dear Friends Who Read This Blog Occasionally!

I've discovered the wonders of "labels" from our ole' pal Mr. (all those laughing at my johnny-come-lately naivete... please hush ya'selfs)

are really clever little pieces of hyper-cyber-data that can take you to wonderful places on this blog. For example,

1. You go to my blog and

2. Scroll down on the right hand column past "Links" and the "Blog Archive"....

3. Then you'll find this snazzy NEW! section aptly labelled "Labels to More Posts on this Topic."

4. You see a huge list of words and choose one like "faith"

5. You click it in a curious kind of way and BLAMMO!

6. You're taken to any and all posts I've posted that deal with that topic!

I mean is this fantastic or what?! Who invented these things?! I wanna shake some hands! Somebody line 'em up... (now see, that was a quote from a James Taylor song from his Hourglass album which was AWESOME. Should you want to see if I've ever mentioned JT in a post, just look for the label "James Taylor" and CLICK THAT SUCKA!!

I intend to go back and add labels to previous posts so we can have this sweet, cohesive, and organic tome of theological and philosophical reflections.... but it's gonna take some time. So thanks for your patience! LOOK! I can add a "patience" label now! Oh man this is just SILLY!!
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