Friday, October 06, 2006

"In words make the Word present" Pope Benedict today spoke of the task of the theologian. It is not to speak of God as an object but as a subject, as a Person, not a concept. Not to obfuscate with many words, but through a pure and focused gaze upon His Face, to make a way for the one Word. As theologians, our task is not to hand over dry information, but the water of Life Who is a Person, Jesus Christ. Here is Zenit's article on the sermon: "He who speaks in theology should be God himself," said the Pope. "And our speaking and thinking should only serve to have him heard, so that the world of God can find room in the world." For theologians to attain this kind of purification, he recommended "silence and contemplation," which "serve, in the dispersion of daily life, to keep a permanent union with God." The Pontiff added: "This is the objective: that union with God be always present in our soul and transform our whole being." Silence and contemplation "serve to be able to find in the dispersion of every day this profound, continuous union with God," Benedict XVI continued. Yet, "the beautiful vocation of the theologian is to speak," he added. "This is his mission: in the talkativeness of our time and of other times, in the inflation of words, to make the essential words present. In words make the Word present, the Word that proceeds from God, the Word that is God." Read article in full on
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