Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Eternal Now

Have you ever been lost in a moment of timelessness? Have you ever felt suspended for a moment, above the tick of the clock? Dancing in a passionate play of words over something you love? An enraptured gaze into the eyes of a newborn? Face to face with someone you love, no words, just experiences? Was it a moment of prayer? A walk through golden leaves or near the music of water? Maybe it was an afternoon spent deep in a book that took you away from yourself for a time... Welcome to the Eternal Now. It's the human adventure! It's what we're destined to do: lose ourselves and give ourselves to God in the Now Moment. St. Augustine knew it well, and shortly before his holy mother Monica left this world, the two of them found themselves overlooking the Tiber river, on a balcony, talking of heavenly things. The scent of eternity thick in the air, they soon broke free of the chains of earth: "So we were alone and talking together and very sweet our talk was ... discussing between ourselves and in the presence of Truth ... what the eternal life of the saints could be like.... Yet with the mouth of our heart we panted for the heavenly streams of your fountain, the fountain of life. Then with our affections burning still more strongly toward the Selfsame, we raised ourselves higher and step by step passed over all material things .... [We] came to our own souls, and we went beyond our souls... And, as we talked, yearning toward this Wisdom, we did, with the whole strength of our hearts' impulse, just lightly come into touch with her, and we sighed, and we left bound there the first fruits of the Spirit, and we returned to the sounds made by our mouths..." (Confessions, X, 200-201) This is the fruit of silence and attentiveness. It's a treasure worth every one of our efforts. So let's take this Sunday to stretch towards that leisure that brings such delights. The Now Moment can take us there.
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