Sunday, September 17, 2006

Beautiful reflection from today's Magnificat entry by a Spanish priest, Fr. Carron. Thought I'd share the WHOLE THING... below: "Who do you say that I am?" "Unless each of us is fascinated by Christ, it is impossible for nothingness not to prevail even in us. We have not solved the problem; the drama goes on living in each one of us. The struggle is fought out in our hearts every day, in the personal, mysterious dialogue between the "I" of each of us and the fascination that is Christ. Without the victory of this fascination, we are finished... We reduce reality to appearances and so we live a relationship with reality that has done away with the Mystery, the "Something that is within every something." We can all see how true this is by simply asking ourselves what happened this morning. How many of us, as we looked at reality today, said, "You" to the Mystery that makes reality and that makes the "I" that woke up this morning? Who was moved with gratitude this morning because he is there, because the Mystery is there, because my "I" with all its limitations is already embraced by his presence?... That is why the Mystery appeared in history: to set before our eyes an attraction strong enough to draw along our "I." Otherwise, we are like a drifting mine, and everyone does just what he likes - not out of malice, but because we are not the ones to attach ourselves with our own strength; it is only this attraction that brings out a deep liking for Jesus in me. Once you have sensed this, you cannot fail to discover the need for his presence in anything you live (I am the One you are missing)." - Father Julian Carron
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