Thursday, July 27, 2006

Try This Today This week's Mission Moment was from Mister Rogers: "Love begins with listening." If the man is right, and wasn't he always right?.... then I have a feeling many of us are not in love these days. Many of us are not good listeners (oh, this is me, this is me!). We are all very good at asking the question "How are you?" (or how YOU doin'? for my Philly friends), but how many of us actually stay for the answer? Love begins with listening; but lust, loves opposite, says listen to ME. Love receives, lust takes. Love sees a gift in the other's presence (no matter who they are), while lust grasps at the other for a selfish end. I speak of lust here at all levels, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Today, let's try and listen to others, and by really listening come to love them. Let's stay for the answer and enter into the other before us; loved ones, co-workers, cashiers, and strangers on the train. Even if it's a simple smile, an acknowledgment of their humanity, let's listen. Let's look. There is a deep well of experiences and stories and hope and heartbreak in every human heart. If we listen, we can hear God moving over those waters. What a treasure each day can be if we try this new way of loving, this listening of the heart!
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