Wednesday, July 19, 2006

"Mission Must be the Passion of Every Christian" - Pope John Paul II I just came back today from a short stayover in the Finger Lakes region of NY. I was asked to give a talk on Transition to a wonderful group of nine young adult missioners. They've all given the past year of their lives to the Franciscan Volunteer Ministry. These young men and women worked in soup kitchens and inner city schools, thrift stores for the homeless, and a center for women caught in the web of prostitution and/or drug addiction. I was asked to share words and experiences of my own journey, and as usual, I found myself learning from them - their very lives taught me. And what a hilarious, joy-filled community! I know the ripple effect of what they've done this past year will only grow as they return to their "normal lives." That's the beauty of leaping out into Love. The splash is always HUGE. And grace comes raining down on every one around them. So to Patrick, Debbie, Abbie, Sean, Jamie, Miguel, Dan, Renee, and Melissa... thank you for your PASSION for MISSION, and may God bless the adventure that lies ahead!!
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