Thursday, July 13, 2006

DOWN THE SHORE So we're in Sea Isle NJ for the rest of the week. Breezy and warm, the beach is a block away, and the water is wide. Fudgy Wudgy Man and Hot Dog Man are within seconds of our position. Nice.... Looks like a storm is a'brewing as well. Who cares! We're here! And there are about 14 decks of cards on tables and in drawers and cabinets throughout the shore house. Not too mention some sweet DVDs to watch if the rains come. (The Village, Powder, Truman Show, Chronicles of Narnia) THOUGHT FOR THE DAY

In Tolkien's Lord of the Rings the character of Legolas was warned that if ever he heard the cry of the gulls and tasted the air of the sea, his heart would never again be satisfied by the forests and fields of Middle Earth. The sea would call him out. And so it happened. Legolas was captivated by the sea and he built a ship and some say he set off with his companion, Gimli, and the two sailed West of the Shores of Middle Earth never to be seen again. As I sit on the edge of America today, gazing out upon the Atlantic, what call will I hear? To what depths of contemplation of the Mystery will we be offered and invited into? Duc in altum!

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