Monday, June 26, 2006

St. Joan of Arc - A Masterpiece

MASTERPIECE MONDAY #1 Been away from 'da BLOG for over a week now... thought I'd kickstart it with a new weekly spot. Behold.... Masterpiece Monday! It's a little tour of a great work of art, posted every Monday (I hope). This first official MM is one of my favorites: Joan of Arc by Jules Bastien-Lepage. Drifting in prayerful contemplation, a hand outstretched and caressing a branch of leaves, Joan is hearing the voices of saints and angels. If you look closely at the house behind her, floating above her loom, you can see the saints with whom she speaks. I love the liquid gaze of her eyes (you'll have to see it in person to really dive in!) and the fact that Joan was doing her daily work when the voices came to her. The canvas is crammed with life; vegetative, human and angelic. The entire Heirarchy of Being is here present, from the pale flowers at her feet to the very Voice of God streaming through the Holy Ones above her. And the young Joan stands dramatically in the gap, and in this mission moment she makes her choice: to follow the inspiration and alter the course of history for France, or to turn away and remain at the loom, spinning.
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