Friday, March 23, 2012

Choosing this Movie is Choosing LIFE!

October Baby
"The best pro-life movie ever made!"
Dr. Richard Land, ERLC

"It's a beautiful story that will open doors, eyes and hearts."
Pat Layton, author of Surrendering the Secret

"What a remarkable movie."
Charmaine Yoest, Americans United for Life

"POWERFUL! OUTSTANDING! I was not prepared for the impact this movie would have on me."
Dr. Dennis Rainey, FamilyLife Today

"I always say that you do yourself a favor when you forgive. This film is a great reminder of this."
Joyce Meyer, Bible Teacher and Bestselling Author

"A great film with a great message!"
Alex Kendrick, Courageous 

"October Baby is a powerful story proving what we all know—that every life is indeed beautiful."
Melinda Delahoyde, Care Net

"October Baby not only has a beautiful message, it is beautifully made."
Karen Garnett, Catholic Pro-Life Committee

"In today's society with so many kids growing up without purpose, this film captures the essence of the importance of every person's life."
Carey Casey, National Center for Fathering

"October Baby will change you ... just open your heart." 
Judie Brown, American Life League

Let People Know That You Stand for Life
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