Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Into the Wild

So it begins, the summer. I've a number of talks lined up and projects to continue but what I'm looking forward to most of all is getting The Boy outside. He is ready. 

The plan: pull into the nature preserve, and release him. Let him be drawn to anything and everything that he desires (except poison ivy), to see, feel, romp and roll through. Throwing rocks, splashing in streams, chasing geese. "We need the tonic of wildness" said Thoreau, and I heartily agree!


Paul Gallagher said...

But what nature preserve Bill? Something local? Please share your suggestions!

Bill Donaghy said...

Hey Paul,

Kirkwood Preserve is beautiful.

Just open fields with a nice hilltop, big tree, perfect for picnics. Also some trails near a stream (the picture here) and into the woods as well. We love Ridley Creek State Park and Valley Forge of course too! But Kirkwood is small and quiet.


Bill Donaghy said...

PS - Also, the John Heinz Wildlife Refuge, or Tinicum, down by the Philly airport. Fantastic!

Paul Gallagher said...

Funny, we passed by Kirkwood Preserve on a meandering drive toward Lancaster County this past Sunday, but didn't know it. I'll keep it in mind for future outings with the family. Thanks!

Paul Gallagher said...

Alright, great, I think I have a good list of places to try to hit this summer with the family Bill. Thanks!

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