Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The March for Life Cover Up 2010

Every year we see the same thing happen, or should I say don't see? The mass media, for whatever reason, refuses to report on the Annual March for Life in our nation's capital. Estimates approaching half a million people from every faith, every age (though mostly young) and from states across America come to walk, pray, sing, and share their passion for Life and the dignity of all, from womb to tomb. What could be so threatening about that? Why does this lead otherwise respectable newscasters and journalists to present complete distortions and out right lies, or turn their gaze elsewhere while we March for Life?
I challenge the news media to objectively report on this March next year. The quotes in this video are from some of the biggest names in the news. They have failed miserably and should publicly apologize for their ridiculous and intentional ignorance.
America has spoken, open the window and take a look. His Truth is marching on...
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