Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Helping Haiti

How you can help through a reliable and trusted source that is already and for over a decade on the ground, working in Haiti:
From Mike DeWine: "Our dear friends Father Tom Hagan and Doug Campbell run an organization called Hands Together. From scratch, they started a school, clinic, and feeding program in the poorest slum in Port-au-Prince – a place called Cite Soleil. Starting with just five classrooms, the school, named after our late daughter Becky, is now part of an 8 school complex that educates and feeds over 7,000 children each day. We received word that Father Tom and Doug are both alive. The schools have been damaged and Father Tom’s house was destroyed. We thank you for your prayers for them and for all of Haiti. People have been very generous. The immediate need is for monetary contributions. Hands Together’s resources will be quickly depleted as they help those most in need and start the rebuilding process." Should you wish to make a donation, please send it to Hands Together at P.O.Box 80985, Springfield, MA 01138. You may also make contributions on their website at
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