Thursday, January 15, 2009

From a Warm House I Looked

From a warm house I looked through windows to the street and saw Orion rising with shimmering, fiery feet But blurred, he stilted, stammered Behind a dirty pane Through cloth and curtain moving Old, musty, stale and stained From a warm and smoke-filled house I walked and left half-hearted conversation Mumbled, grumbled, garnered and I rose in exultation Away from hoards of syllables, reused and recycled
Exchanging hot air for cold I took the path once traveled By the mystic hearts of old
Orion dancing clearer now
over empty fields of white
pregnant as a seed with possibility my own feet took their flight
And into the dark with eyes now seeing
I moved over cold and wintery scenes
Not with mind but heart now steering
I left that house behind
.... and finding nothing discovered Everything.
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