Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I began this blog over two years ago with the intention of "waking up" - myself first, then, I hoped, any cyber-passers-by; to create a blog not just for sharing news or commenting on it, but for serious (and sometimes silly) reflection. I know, I know.... it's a rare, old fashioned word and who's got time for THAT these days ;)

Well, I don't get enough of it and I thought if I just gave it a crack, others might also step into this Doorway to the Deep. To plunge into the real questions of life, to get past the shallows and out into the open water. I wanted to do all this with an honest, objective, and wonder-filled vision. Because, at the end of the day, Life is Beautiful. Amen?

So the invitation stands to take a few minutes each day to look deep within at the well waters of the soul and, well.... reflect!

There are now over 560 articles on this blog. Yippee! You can access any one of them by scrolling down on the starboard side and finding "THE ARCHIVE - My Past Blog Posts." Click on a month or day and there you have it, more words (that hopefully lead you to the Word). There are a few new features as well that I want to point out in case you missed 'em.

Now at the bottom of each post there is a little icon called "share this" - if you enjoy a certain article, after reading it, just click "share this" and a pop up window appears that allows you to e-mail it to a friend, add the post to your Facebook profile, your blog, Digg it, and a bunch of other nifty little options.

Scrolling down on the right side of the blog, you'll find a pretty cool pic of two floating youth on a mountain in North Carolina. Clicking this image will bring you to my new photo feed... woohoo!! Just as a blog has a feed (a feed is a web format used for providing readers with frequently updated content. You click the little orange button in your address bar, then click subscribe, and have easy access to the latest posts) so now you can subscribe to the latest pictures I snap from the Adventures of Bill! I know, it's random, often ridiculous, but sometimes beautiful..... hey, it's a life. And if it gets you thinking or starts a conversation about the deeper stuff, mission accomplished!

I continue to tag my posts, which means each article has been given labels as far as the content in them. If you liked yesterday's post "The Good Stuff" which had the tag "nature" at the bottom, just click it and it will bring up all the other posts in the last two years with that tag and similar content regarding "nature" - et cetera, et cetera! All of the topic tags are listed on the right side of the blog in alphabetical order.

I have a couple other blogs now, discoverable if you click my profile info on the bottom right side of the blog (there's lots of fun to be had on the right side of this blog, huh?); "The Love Worth Waiting For" is for youth and young adults on the Theology of the Body. I don't post to it much, but there are some reflections and good resources. And "Bill and Sean's Excellent Adventure" will be the platform I'll be mobile blogging to this summer with my nephew as we embark on a Vision Quest for his Confirmation. He doesn't know where the heck we're going yet...

And of course the Heart of Things podcast is updated almost weekly (it houses the interviews done on the radio show each week, downloadable through iTunes for your iPod). A new podcast is still under construction called The Good Stuff which I'm EXTREMELY excited about. "Dedicated to the True, the Good, and the Beautiful in music, movies, books and beyond. Sometimes silly, always random, it’s shafts of Light from Another Country shining out from the most unlikely of places... coming this summer!

A growing batch of quotes from the saints, poets, and mystics can be found at my main website, the Mission Moment, as well as links for speaking engagements and presentations that are up and coming.

So there it is, the June update. Thanks for being a reader, and please feel free to drop a comment anytime and let me know how this blog can be a better service to you!

Peace and Prayers,
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